Game over man…Game over.

When I started the final chapter of Connect I ended up getting a bit playful and inserted an Easter egg sort of tribute.  I dare say it was somewhat unintentional and was the kind of thing that came out organically in the writing. It is something that usually doesn't survive a second or third draft, and …


The Steve Jobs of the Apocalypse

Dathan has been a challenging character to create and to write.    I subscribe to the ideal that the best villains are the heroes of their own stories.  (I can't find the source of that quote, as it seems that many people from George R.R. Martin to Tom Hiddelston have quoted it and clouded it's origin, …

On Channeling Your Inner Han Solo

"I don't know," Mason sounded disappointed by first voice's assessment. "That first guy looked like he NEEDED to be shot to me. I haven't shot anyone today and it's really starting to bother me." He then turned to Bird with a conspiratorial grin. "Right?"