“47 Seconds” now available in “Enter the Rebirth” Anthology

“47 Seconds” is now available in “Enter the Rebirth” from Tanstaafl Press!!
Enter_the_Rebirth Front Cover-1M
“47 Seconds” is a short story I wrote about the value of time in the apocalypse. When so many other resources are limited time remains the one truly finite thing.
“Enter the Rebirth” is the third installment in the Enter the Apocalypse trilogy of Anthologies.
You can buy “Enter the Rebirth” in a few places.
You can get it directly from Tanstaafl Press in print or e-book formats.
It is also available via Amazon in Print and eBook 
Here’s a brief excerpt from “47 Seconds”:
Arn was running full out towards the large open doors of the Goal Building when he ran out of seconds. The mech cleared the obscurity of the tower building and immediately zero’d in on him. Without changing the path of its broad armored treads, the mech’s torso-trunk rotated and its weapon arms swung to the right. The gathered tribe and their captors had already seen what came next several times this morning. Bluish light boiled up along the needled length of the weapon pods and then blasted Arn into a dark, smoldering stain on the tarmac of discolored and cratered smoothstone.
The mech’s arms rotated back to their original position, apparently satisfied with their work. Above the arms the head of the thing spread out to a flattened sort of disk shape. Several spikes of various lengths arose from the head like a crown. Two red embers glowed from the dark orbs that were the head’s only other feature. Over the years the Scav tribes had speculated about what each part of the massive thing was and what it did. They had never gotten much fur-ther than speculation. No one had ever gotten close enough to study it and for good reason. It was a rolling, death-dealing monument of the time Before when people were able to create such wonderful and horrific machines.
The mech continued its patrol along the smoothstone expanse. It circled the same set of buildings in the middle of the Southern Wastes, rolling along the track it had worn into that stone over all the cycles since Before. In a few minutes it would turn back behind the low buildings and would be out of sight for another forty-seven seconds.
There are many solid stories in the anthology and the series as a whole.  Pick it up for some quick summer reading and let me know what you think in the comments!

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