Interesting Podcast about Publishing with Brent Weeks

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Over on the Introverted Indie Author Podcast there is an interview with Brent Weeks, author of the Night Angel and Light Bringer Series.  Brent is a great author and has a history of doing funny things on book tour.  For example, he once did a reading of a new chapter for an “Up Coming” book in a series where he killed a major character.  It was completely fake, but he swore the audience to silence so he could get the next group.  For his next tour he did a “Choose Your Own Adventure” reading set in his Night Angel world that was fantastic.  That was on YouTube here.

The interview is conducted by Michael J. Sanford who is an Indie Author (hence the name of his Podcast) and covers the publishing industry from both an Indie and Traditional Publishing perspective.  It’s a good short listen and I was intrigued listening to these two authors discuss their different experiences.

Also worth checking out Mr. Sanford’s work here.

Brent Weeks lives on the Web here.  If you like fantasy, his work is a top suggestion from me!


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