On Self Promotion…Advice from a Master

Over on Engadget, Veronica Belmot enlisted John Scalzi to answer a reader’s question about how to Promote your work.  The Question was:

#DearVeronica ,In this tech age, how should a novice novelist make an impression and promote his book to grab attention of a lot of people?
— Rajat Joshi (@MrRajatJoshi) August 14, 2015

Mr. Scalzi essentially says that aside from writing a great novel that people want to read, you have to be yourself and not just focus on promotion.  If people find you interesting then they will more than likely look to see what it is that you are promoting. From there it comes down the product, nor novel itself.  The Promotion did it’s job and got eyes on your book, and it’s up to the merits of the book to go from there. Conversely if all you do is push your wares then your audience is probably going to hit the mute button in whatever form that takes.  Great advice I think especially since I know I have been guilty of the “Promote! Promote! Promote!” method.

Social media is an amazing tool for self promotion, but not all of us handle it well.  I know I don’t always do good work with it.  I’ll have to take this advice to heart and see where it goes.

So if you’re trying to Promote something yourself, do think this is good advice? What methods have worked for you and what have not?


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