Connect: The Mason Chronicles, Part 2 is now available!

Connect Cover 1

“What shall a man profit if he gain the world and lose his soul?”

–Recorded Wisdom of Before, vol.  2, ch.  1

Picking up right after the thrilling events of Contact, we find Mason and his team of Contacts fractured.  Mason, C’er, and Tank race towards a destination that they do not know while Diana sets out on her own path towards revenge.  Dathan’s horde of Brothers continue their crusade across the wastelands of the world of After.  They offer a simple choice to all those they encounter:  Join them and rebuild world from the ashes, or be burned to nothing.  

Connect continues the Chronicles of Mason in the world of After.  It is a harsh and unforgiving place and Mason is its perfect paladin.  He travels with a Prophet named C’er whose precognitive abilities are maddening, but somehow stifled by Mason’s presence.  For this task he has made two contacts so far.  First is a mutated giant named Tank who has exceptional abilities with all forms of tek, but otherwise is like a small child.  Second was Diana, a teenage girl with natural affinity for all forms of weapons and combat.  While Tank needs to bring the group someplace special, Diana is bent on revenge against Dathan and his army of Raiders who destroyed her village.  

Meanwhile in a mysterious Facility from Before, a small group of people struggle to restore systems that they do not fully understand.  Systems that may not want to be fully restored…

You can get Connect starting today at the following links:



Google Play Books

Barnes and Noble (Nook)

Note – Not only can you get Connect in any eBook format (.epub, .pdf, mobi, etc.) at Smashwords, they will also distribute it to iBooks, Kobo, and several other eBook outlets over the next few days and weeks.  So if you read your eBooks on a different platform than we see above, either grab it from Smashwords directly and upload it to your reader of choice, or just be patient.

If you have not read Contact, (gasp!) then please don’t be one of those people who starts on Part 2.  You can get Contact here.

So please get you downloading on, and then be the first to post a review!  Seriously, go post a review.  Do it now.  Well, actually read it first, and then post a review.  But don’t forget the review part.

Thanks all!



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