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Huge Milestone update here!  I have been posting notes here and here on my progress in writing Part 2 of the Mason Chronicles.  Well, dear readers, we have reached one of largest milestones in the process: I completed the first draft on Wednesday, July 22nd. (date recorded for posterity)

“So that means it’s published right?”  You ask.  No, not yet, is my response.

“So what’s left to do?”  You ask.  There’s several more steps in the process in bringing this part of the story to press.

“Like What?” You ask.


  1. Since I write initially in Google Docs because of ease of access, especially from Mobile, I have to get all 9 chapters into Microsoft Word.  This is because Word remains the standard in publishing and is required to upload to Smashwords or Amazon for publishing.
  2. Once in Word there is a lot of reformatting that happens and then other corrections.  Word does do a better job of spelling and grammar checking which is nice, but adds about five thousand red alerts of sentence fragments in dialogue sections.  Damn Characters – I have to train them to speak in full sentences.
  3. After Formatting and Spell/Grammar check I have to do a full read through and edit of all the chapters.  I keep a “To Do” list as I write and make notes for things I need to revisit in earlier chapters.  It helps keep me moving forwards and not get lost going back an re writing prior work, but now it’s time to get through that To Do list.
  4. Then I need threaten bribe coerce ask some trusted friends and Family to do a beta read and give me some feedback.  I’ll take in any suggestions from there and finalize the story from there.
  5. Sometime in and around Edits and Beta reading I need to create and insert all the chapter headings.  I keep a list of Ideas as I write and need to flesh those out.
  6. Can’t publish without a cover, so I am already starting to work through some art available under Creative Commons license that I can use.  Be nice to one day send a memo to the art department and get some designs back, but for now that Art Department is me.
  7. Lastly is the act of packaging it all together for the different modes of publication.  You would think that is simple, but Amazon and Smashwords have different formatting requirements and it can take a few tries to get the file right and through their process before it goes live.

“So I am dying to read it!  When will it be ready!?”  you demand.  I love the excitement, but the only answer is that it will be ready when it is ready.  Know that I am working as hard on this as I can, as I am very excited to share this next part and see what people think.  The sad reality here is that I have a day job (IT), and a night job (Super Sexy Hubby and Father) and being a writer, editor, illustrator, and publisher fall somewhere behind those others.

Almost forgot…The initial draft weighs in at 53,783 words and 118 pages by Google Docs’s Count, 111 pages on Word (see:  Formatting).  Part 1 was just under 46k words, and around 83 pages depending on the measurements.  We’ll see how much is added or removed as I edit.

So keep calm, it’s coming, and let me know if you in the comments if you want to beta read it.


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