It’s Fun Time! or Milestone Update part Deux


“It’s fun time boys… ” Diana whispered as she sighted down the long barrel. She ignored the plumes of fire and smoke that had begun billowing up into the sky and tried to pick a target among the scurrying mass of soon to be deaders. The first one was just running for cover but he came into a clearing in the chaos at the wrong time. Diana squeezed the trigger and thumper recoiled from the shot. Without even trying to confirm the results of the shot she scanned around for another target and saw the Hover Tank. “Oh, hello there.”  She said and fired again at a man standing in front of the tank with his rifle up as if he was protecting the massive armored machine behind him. “Good bye.” she said and sighted in on another Raider near the tank.

Another shot…


And another…

“Good night.”




“That’s seven?”


“No, that was seven.”


“I can do this all day fellas.”


— Except from Chapter 6(ish) of “Connect – Part 2 of the Mason Chronicles”.

Over the last few weeks I kind of feel like Diana in the excerpt above, only with words and not kill shots.  When I last gave an update in February I had just finished with Chapter 4.  Since then I have completed through chapter 6 and some of Chapter 7.  Chapters 5 and 6 wrote themselves but I expect 7 to be a bit of a slog as it is more set up for the big finish (of Part 2, there will be a Part 3) coming in chapters 8 and probably 9.

Part 2 now weighs in at 31,628 words and roughly 68 pages.  That of course is sans chapter headings.  It is now pretty clear that we are looking at 8 to 9 chapters which will probably makes this part a lot meatier than Part 1.  But that’s okay as a lot more happens here that drives the overall arc of the story.  Part 1 was really a lot of set up, and so much of what the story really is about begins to take hold in part 2.

Looking at my progress always makes me wish I had more time to dedicate to this, that is just not to be at this time.  In any event I hoping to get this part wrapped up and go through some editting pretty soon.  I also have to start writing the chapter headings and blurbs.  I have some stuff identified but nothing solid.

So all in all, some progress being made.


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