Milestone Update for Part 2 of the Mason Chronicles


“He’s talking about going into a huge camp of violent murder rapist types for a fucking stroll, and he’s smiling about it!?” – from Chapter 4 of part 2

I just finished the first writing of chapter 4 so I figured it was a good idea to give the three of you an update on the progress for Part 2.  With part 1 I tried to release the story episodically so that the readers could download a chapter at a time and get them hot off the press.  However the current e publishing paradigms do not really allow for that.  Seriously, if you ever tried to get an updated copy to download on Kindle you probably know what I mean. So with Part 2 I decided not to fight the man and go more traditional.  I am trying to complete the entire novella and publish all at once to minimize churn for the readers.  If you have been following along then you have seen excerpts from part 2 here, here and here so you know that there is some actual writing going on between occasional blog posts and design endeavors.

Right now there are 4 complete chapters for part 2 and I envision it running to 6 or 7 chapters at this time.  There are 21,289 words over 49 pages.  That does not include chapter headers and right now each chapter is an individual document so page breaks and chapter breaks do not influence the page count yet.  By way of comparison (I always hear Geoff Tate saying that…) the first 4 chapters of Part 1 comprises 30,005 words over 53 pages and that includes the headers and page/chapter breaks.   So the word count on part 2 is low, but when I go back and edit and re work it before publishing, and add all the chapter headings it should get closer.  Not that the #’s really matter.  The story is what it is, and starts and ends where it ends.

So now the thing I am most excited for is that the story arcs that I know will come to a head in the last few chapters of part 2.  Many of the scenes coming up are things that I envisioned from the very inception and a lot of the story up until now has been about getting to these scenes.

That being said, do not worry, the story continues beyond part 2 and should wrap up in Part 3.  (Because I know many of you are losing sleep over this!)

If anyone wants to beta read Part 2, let me know.  I would love any help with editing and feedback that I can get as I try and finish part 2 and prepare for publishing.

So there you have it.  We are past the midway hump folks and descending into a pretty epic section of the story.  At least I am as I write it, and you could be too if you want to be a beta reader.

Have a Good Day –and not the kind of good day C’er refers to.


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