New Content Added to “The Mason Chronicles – Contact”

The other day I added a new Chapter , “Welcome” to the book I am writing. It is making great progress now even with the limited time I have to write. Hopefully some of you have had a chance to give it a read. If you have let me know what you think. It is still a work in progress so any feedback is much appreciated!

Here is an Excerpt:

“Hey shit bag!” came a call from up the stairs.  Mason did not respond.

“These are for you, fraker!” the voice called again.  Two small metal spheres came bouncing down the stairs.  They bounded down the moving steps and bounced towards the bottom.  Mason turned and launched himself away from the grenades as fast as he could.  One reached the bottom of the stairs and landed between two of the deaders and rested there.  The second cleared the bodies and rolled across the floor towards the rail that Mason had been using for cover.  As Mason dove for cover the two grenades erupted in a combined blossom of fire and pure concussive force.

The blast hit Mason with a physical blow, knocking him back and tearing the air from his lungs.  His head slammed into the wall that stopped his momentum and his vision swirled with all of the colors he had ever seen.  They competed with the darkness that was trying insidiously to push them back and make everything black for him.  He fought against that darkness, focusing on the colors and willing them to bring back his sight.  Slowly his vision resolved itself and he found he could also start to hear again, which he just now realized had been a problem.  He shook off the last bit of darkness, just in time, as four Reavers flew over the outside railing from the great open space at the center of the Hub.  In his blasted daze he wondered about flying Reavers for a second and decided that with all he had seen recently, why not?

No sooner did their feet settle on the ground than they opened fire.  Their rifles belched a rain of bullets indiscriminately all over the level.  Being down on the ground is probably what saved Mason as their shots tore through everything in front of them at chest level.  The shots ripped chunks of wall and glass apart and showered them over Mason where he laid.  The railing that surrounded the downward stairs still sat between the shooters and him.  It gave him some cover and hid him from the shooters’ view.

Mason found that he was still holding his gun, and the light was still green.  He pulled himself along the floor as the Reavers continued to unload on everything around them that remarkably was not him.  Reaching the edge of the railing he lay on his side and took aim.  His shots stayed low and as the concussion of his weapon reverberated through the Hub, Mason stood up and shook off the debris from his long coat.  Walking over to the opening in the railing where the stairs descended down to the next level he took out another grenade.  Lying on the ground where they had landed, three of the four Reavers were not moving any longer having had a leg blasted off, or their midsection shredded.  The last one, who was missing the lower part of a leg, writhed in his own pooling blood and clutched at the missing pieces if his once whole body.  As Mason approached the Reaver turned and tried to pull a gun from his harness.  Mason walked towards the rail that overlooked the center of the hub.  The one these men had ‘flown’ over.  Ignoring the struggles of the Reaver who was trying to free the weapon that had become stuck in his harness, Mason saw that each man had a rope attached to a harness on their torso.  The ropes ran up to the level above.  “Hmmmm” Mason intoned his appreciation of the innovative nature of these Reavers.  Without looking he raised his gun and fired twice into the Reaver on the floor who had just about freed a gun from its holster.

“Is it clear?” came a call from above.

Mason turned and walked past the pulverized and pulped remains of the last Reaver.  He thumbed the activation switch on the grenade and listened to it start to chime in pleasant tones.  When he reached the top of the downward stairs he turned and tossed the chiming grenade up the stairs that led from the upper level.

“Oh Fra…” was drowned by the initial blast and subsequent echoes of the grenade.

Mason stepped on to the stairs and let them carry him downwards.

“I think so.” he answered.


How to get it/Download it:

If you have already bought/downloaded it you can update the file by removing it and re downloading it. Don’t buy it again or anything!

For all Amazon Kindle Users it is here:

For all other Formats (iPad, Nook, Kobo, .PDF, and just about any other format you can get it at Smashwords:

Smashwords will eventually publish it to iTunes Bookstore, Barnes and Noble and a Variety of other retailers, but you can get it there direct.


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