The Paladin and the Prophet

I have been toying with various ideas for chapter headings as I write The Mason Chronicles. Here is one that I think I will fit in somewhere. I love the expanded world of excerpts from other books that refer to the events and settings of a fantasy story as a history of sorts.

The Paladin and the Prophet.

“Paladin. It is not a word that I knew of when I started to travel with him. Or even during my travels. No, I found this word years after. Its meaning struck me as a blow and I realized immediately that this is what he was. A Paladin. The word is from Before and I have searched for any reference to it since I came upon it. I have found various definitions and so I will record here what it has come to mean to me, specifically in reference to him.  A Paladin is dedicated completely to a singular cause. Often one much grander than themselves. They take direction from a higher purpose and they act unerringly towards that purpose. They do not question, they do not falter. Their willingness to accomplish their directive is indomitable, unrelenting and often unstoppable. What took years for me to justify is that a Paladin is often described as a champion of what is right and what is good; A warrior who defends those who cannot defend themselves from what is dark in the world. Their ideals are that of what is good in the world. This was not entirely true regarding him. In fact, good was not the first word that many would use to describe him. Nor the second or third. If  it would be used at all, it was much further down the list. So for years this word danced in my mind on the edge of how I would define him. Then one day a student asked me about the world as it was when I traveled with him. Immediately I answered that it was not a good place and then it connected into place like the stones of a good wall. He was not good. Not by the definition of Before and not by the definition I have come know of what is good. He was however the Paladin that was necessary in the dark world of After in which we traveled together.”
— from ‘The Paladin and the Prophet’

Side note: chapter 4 is finished and I am in edit mode. So it hopefully will be posted this week.


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