Republished! The Mason Chronicles, Part 1: Contact:Amazon:Kindle Store

I have been thinking of a different (read: better) way of releasing chapters of this book as I write it. Posting each chapter on Amazon at $. 99 doesn’t seem right. So what I am going to do is add the chapters to the existing post as I go. If anyone bought the book,  they can just download the latest update and get the new chapters.

So without further ado….

The Mason Chronicles, Part 1: Contact now includes the Prologue and two previous chapters that were published. The first Chapter has been renamed Tank as that makes more sense to me. Contact is more the title of the novel itself.

I have also included a new Chapter named Diana.  Here is brief excerpt:

“She doesn’t miss.” Mason’s voice pulled C’er’s attention right back to the scene before him.  Mason pointed to the hut across from them that had been a backdrop for the Deaders. “The only bullet holes in that wall line up with one of the deaders. Each and every shot found its target.”  C’er looked at the wall and noted how the only bullet holes were directly above their corresponding Deader. “They tried to trap her and come at her as a group.”  Mason looked in the direction they would have been shooting. “But they missed and she didn’t.”  C’er followed Mason’s gaze and saw probably a hundred bullet holes peppering the various bits of remaining structure that would have been behind the girl. He turned his head back and forth a few times making a visual comparison of the different fields of bullet holes. The Deader’s and the girl’s.

“That’s…. Scary.”

Suddenly Mason looked to his left. A cloud passed over his eyes and then he headed off in a sharp walk.”

So, If you bought Chapter 1, head to the link above and just re download it to get the entire story to date.

Now on to the next part!


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