The Mason Chronicles 1: Contact

MS Contact1

Part 1 of the Mason Chronicles is now available on Amazon and Smashwords!

“No one knew what had happened to the world Before.

Or why.
Or how.
Only that what had been Before was now gone and all that was left was After.

Of course, none of that was Mason’s concern at this moment. His concern was that of making contact.”

The world was ruined long ago. How that happened, or why it did, is unknown to those who remain. Life has moved on and the apocalypse that created the world of After has forever altered the world. Mutations have occurred in all forms of life creating a new biosphere. Even the genealogy of man is now as unclear as the altered and burned atmosphere itself. Some men remain unchanged and as normal as the ancients from Before, while some have developed strange and wondrous abilities. Society has been reduced to small entities trying to carve out an existence in whatever way they can.

Now someone has decided that the destruction of the world has gone far enough. Unfortunately, that someone has chosen its Paladin, and he is not the Paladin sort. Mason never asked for the tasks that have been bestowed upon him to complete. Still he finds himself gathering others to his side. Each new ‘Contact’ leads him further down the path of correcting the wrongs of the world of After. Sometimes in little ways, and sometimes in ways beyond his understanding.

This is the first chapter of his story.


2 Replies to “The Mason Chronicles 1: Contact”

  1. I have just stumbled across this blog and have read the first chapter located on Amazon
    While I am a new fan of the Sci-Fi genre I know what I like, and I like this author’s writing style. His ability to write engaging, disarming and immersive prose is nothing short of brilliant. Mr. Jones’ writing, in my opinion, is reminiscent Orson Scott Card, however I truly feel he will surpass Mr. Card as my favourite Sci-Fi Author. Well done Sir, I look forward to reading much more of this story.

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